Competition Act Class Actions

Federal competition legislation promotes a fair marketplace, to protect consumers.

The Competition Act governs business conduct. The Competition Bureau administers the act; violators are subject to both civil and criminal penalties.

When a Competition Act violation causes common harm to many people, those people can bring a class proceeding to ensure that they receive sufficient redress. Stevenson Whelton LLP has a history of successful class action claims in Ontario, serving Ontarians throughout the province from our offices in Toronto and Vaughan.

Potential Subject Matter For Competition Act Class Actions

The Competition Act:

  • Promotes competitive pricing and product choices, to support consumers
  • Creates equitable opportunity, to support small to medium-sized businesses
  • Expands opportunities for Canadians in the world markets
  • Promotes effectiveness and adaptability in the Canadian economy

Price fixing and the unlawful inflation of a product price are two activities that violate the Competition Act and can give rise to a common claim. Certification of a class in such situations is challenging. Stevenson Whelton LLP counsel have the knowledge and experience to navigate a class action lawsuit through the tricky waters of pricing, markets and the Competition Act.

Lawyers Advising On Class Actions In Ontario

We are all courtroom lawyers at Stevenson Whelton LLP. Our class action work complements our personal injury, civil and commercial litigation practice.

For up-to-date information on our ongoing claims, visit our Active Class Actions page. For more information about our work on securities and business class actions or to discuss a potential individual or class action claim with one of our counsel, contact us at 416‑599‑7900 or reach us online.