Types of Claims

Class action suits can arise from property damage, economic loss and physical or emotional trauma.

Stevenson Whelton LLP Expertise In Class Actions

Stevenson Whelton LLP has litigation expertise in a broad range of areas, including personal injury, medical malpractice, and civil and commercial actions. The diversity of our traditional litigation practice complements the range of class action claims we take on.

Class proceedings are possible in many scenarios where claimants have suffered identifiable common harm. Categories of class action suits include:

A common claim must be identified for the court to certify a class. In most cases, particularly those involving complex financial or scientific evidence, in-depth legal analysis is necessary to properly establish the basis upon which a class action can proceed.

Stevenson Whelton LLP lawyers have extensive experience as class action litigators. We have in-house knowledge and experience of Canadian class action suits. We excel at defining the common issues required to initiate a class action. We also keep up with U.S. trends, allowing us to launch and pursue even the most challenging legal claims.

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For class action litigation to be successful, lawyers must rigorously analyze the evidence and prove that the wrongdoing caused common harm. At Stevenson Whelton LLP, we can provide a comprehensive and astute review of your individual or class action claim. We can use our experience to advise you on the merits, provide the legal support to have the class action certified and make your case in court. For more information, contact us at 416‑599‑7900 in Toronto or reach us online.