Our Fees

With Stevenson Whelton LLP, there is no charge or fee, whatsoever, for an informative, initial consultation about your personal injury situation.

If, after the initial consultation, we agree together to pursue a claim on your behalf, we will not bill our fees to you until the case is resolved. This means that you will not receive any bills from us while your case proceeds. Stevenson Whelton LLP is very connected in the medical field and this allows us to hire the best experts for your case. Generally, Stevenson Whelton LLP will fund all of the disbursements on your matter, including the cost of obtaining expert reports. Most of these disbursements will be paid by the other side as "assessable disbursements" when the case is finally resolved.

Our fees are very competitive and our service is amongst the highest in our area of practice. Further details relating to fees will be discussed during the initial interview. For more information, please contact us to set up your initial interview today.