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Denied Long-term Disability Benefits? Find Out Why Nov 13, 2017 Long-term disability (LTD) coverage exists to provide security in the form of income replacement, in the event that you become ill or injured and are not able to work.
Maureen Whelton Lectures at University of Toronto Faculty of Law Nov 06, 2017 On Thursday November 2, Maureen Whelton was invited to speak at the University of Toronto law school. She lectured on a lawyer's...
Judge Rules Plaintiff May Use Police Report as Evidence in Texting-while-Driving Accident Nov 06, 2017 Distracted driving due to texting or talking on a cell phone is an increasing cause of accidents and injury in Ontario.
SWMS Lawyer Educates High School Students on Civil Rights Nov 03, 2017 A longtime volunteer with Innocence Canada, Malini Vijaykumar accompanied fellow volunteer Lauren Wildgoose (U of T) to Thornhill Secondary School on November 3 to talk to a Grade 12 Law class about...
Neil Wilson Quoted in Law Times Oct 25, 2017 SWMS lawyer Neil Wilson was recently quoted in the Law Times newspaper on a successful appeal of a summary judgment ruling in a solicitor's negligence case.
SWMS Lends Expertise to Paralegal Studies Program Oct 20, 2017 SWMS senior paralegal Brian Kirkland is now teaching advocacy to students at the Canadian Business College