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SWMS Lawyer Speaks on Panel About Mental Health in the Legal Profession Mar 30, 2018 On March 26, 2018, SWMS associate Malini Vijaykumar was a panel speaker at Precedent Magazine's event titled "How to fix law's mental health crisis".
SWMS Lawyer Published in UBC Law Review Feb 26, 2018 SWMS lawyer Malini Vijaykumar was published in the January 2018 issue of the University of British Columbia Law Review. Her article, titled "A Crisis of Conscience: Miscarriages of Justice and Indigenous Defendants in Canada"
Colin Stevenson Quoted in the The Walrus Feb 22, 2018 Colin Stevenson was quoted in the February 13, 2018 edition of the Walrus on the need for improved technology in the Courts.
SWMS Obtains Contempt Ruling Against Judgment Debtor in Complex Enforcement Dispute Feb 02, 2018 SWMS lawyers Neil Wilson and Arina Joanisse recently successfully represented a judgment creditor in a complex enforcement dispute.
SWMS Successfully Obtains Trial Judgment Removing an Improper Mortgage Jan 08, 2018 SWMS lawyer Daniel McConville successfully represented the owner of a commercial property in a trial to remove a mortgage in favour of an old business associate who refused to grant a discharge.
Maureen Whelton and Colin Stevenson chair OBA Program – Expert Strategies for Trial Preparation Nov 22, 2017 On November 24, 2017, Maureen Whelton and Colin Stevenson chair Ontario Bar Association program on Expert Strategies for Trial Preparation