Lawyer Testimonials

"I have referred several clients to MacDonald & Swan (now Stevenson Whelton LLP) regarding personal injury matters and I'm very pleased with the service they have received. I find Eric and Stephen to be very knowledgeable in this field and forthright with clients regarding their prospects. They are prompt in responding and reporting to both myself and my clients. I would not hesitate to continue to refer clients to them." — William J. MacLeod (Oakville, Ontario)
"Just a short note to express my sincere appreciation for the guidance, counsel, advice and friendship which you have both provided me and those clients which I have referred to your firm over the last several years since our respective law offices have been in the same building. In my experience of practicing law for 27 years, I have observed that we lawyers very rarely, if ever, take the time to share positive thoughts when they are well deserved, as is certainly the case here. In the future, I shall continue to refer those cases appropriate to your field of practice with full confidence that my clients will be treated by both you and your staff members with respect, dignity, professional courtesy and successful results." — P. William Perras Jr. (Oakville, Ontario)
"Practice in the area of family law often raises issues of personal injury in a spousal and child abuse context. My affiliation and reliance on the expertise of MacDonald & Swan (now Stevenson Whelton LLP) has proved exceedingly beneficial in advancing complicated family law cases wherein damages are claimed. In addition to this, I have had the occasion to refer clients outside of the family law context to MacDonald & Swan for their personal injury case. The feedback I have received from clients who I have referred to MacDonald & Swan (now Stevenson Whelton LLP) are clear that their cases were handled empathetically, professionally, and with excellent results. I am proud of my liaison with MacDonald & Swan and pleased with their invaluable expertise and advice." — John Cox (Oakville, ON)
"I consider MacDonald & Swan (now Stevenson Whelton LLP) to be specialists in the field of personal injury litigation. Both Eric Swan and Stephen MacDonald are very approachable. I have been impressed with their level of service and the results achieved. The feedback from clients I have referred there has been very positive, in most cases exceeding client expectations. MacDonald & Swan are the firm I most highly recommend to my clients who need representation in personal injury matters." — Roger B. Campbell (Oakville, ON)
"I've known Stephen and Eric (now Stevenson Whelton LLP) for many years and they have consistently looked after clients that I have referred in a most professional and courteous fashion. I have and will continue to refer clients due to their ability to assess and pursue claims in a timely and cost-effective manner." — Stuart W. Henderson (Oakville, ON)