Lawyer Referrals

Stevenson Whelton LLP has a long successful history in personal injury law. It's what we do. We have also been very successful in making our expertise and experience available in communities large and small throughout Southern Ontario. We do that by establishing referral and working relationships with lawyers in those communities.

If you practice law in Southern Ontario, we’d like a face-to-face opportunity to tell you about our firm and the way we work. All of our referral relationships are based on trust and confidence – trust in the way we work, confidence in our experience and expertise. Our referral protocol and fee-sharing structure is unrivaled by any firm in Southern Ontario.

If you’d like a personal injury or disability resource that you can rely on with complete trust and confidence, why not contact us today? We'll set up a meeting to introduce you to our firm and demonstrate how we can assist you and do the absolute best for your clients.

Read testimonials from lawyers who referred us.