Client Testimonials

"I can’t say thank you enough for the work you have done to see this trial to the end. I have never met anyone more committed to a cause than you. You believed in us from the very beginning and for that I will be eternally grateful. I am so glad I never had to be cross-examined by you. You have a finesse and skill that is insurmountable. I respect your honesty and integrity. You always made us aware of all the information and where we stood." — B.B. (Haliburton)
"Thank you everyone at Stevenson Whelton (formerly MacDonald & Swan). The last few years were difficult for me and my family however, the support we received from Stevenson Whelton made this difficult time have a positive outcome. We never felt in the dark and always had our questions answered. I truly felt you were worthy for me. Your patience and consideration will always be appreciated." — R. C. (Acton, ON)
"My husband and I are happy to provide a reference for Stevenson Whelton (formerly MacDonald & Swan), a law firm we have worked with in resolving our claim against a drunk driver, (with whom we were involved in a head on collision. We have dealt, personally, both with Eric Swan and Jill Edwards, during the past 2 years and find them to be respectable attorneys who run the firm with integrity and skill.

From early, compassionate counseling, two weeks after our accident (on discharge from hospital), Stevenson Whelton (formerly MacDonald & Swan) have always been dependable, straightforward and honest. Lawyer’s fees can be quite expensive, but Stevenson Whelton (formerly MacDonald & Swan) has always been forthright with costs and hours billed, and made payment arrangements easy to understand. We also found their office group to be equally compassionate, helpful, courteous and consistently ready to help whenever possible. We are happy to recommend them to anyone seeking legal counsel." — D. and M. H. (Oakville, ON)
Stevenson Whelton (formerly MacDonald & Swan) is an amazing law firm. They helped me the best they could and I was able to contact my lawyer at any time during working hours. They stayed on top of everything and sent letters to keep me informed of the progress. My lawyer and her assistant were fantastic, very friendly, made me feel comfortable and explained everything in great detail. I would definitely recommend this firm to everyone. Great Job." — J. H, (Mississauga, ON)
"Stevenson Whelton (formerly MacDonald & Swan) handled our case quickly and professionally. Eric and his team are friendly and knowledgeable, and more importantly speak in "plain English" , no "legal mumbo jumbo". We were kept updated with the progress of our case, which was resolved quicker than we expected." — M. L. (Minden, ON)
"All the legal aspects of this case were like a foreign language to us and you and your staff helped us feel more comfortable in every way. The outcome was close to what we expected and was realistic. We were well prepared for mediation and truly admired the way you and the mediator worked to achieve the best outcome for M. In the years leading up to the settlement, your staff was always available to make suggestions and keep accurate records of all the information. You especially made M feel comfortable with you and come to value your advice as he became less angry about his condition and more willing to accept a more reasonable settlement. You were honest about outlining the various fees and never set any actual amount until we came closer to mediation. I would recommend your services without any reservation. Thank you for helping our family through these trying times"— A. H. (Carlisle, Ontario)
"I would like to say first that Heather in your front reception is such as an incredible asset. Going into a law office can be a little intimidating. She is such a friendly and outgoing person. She puts everyone at ease right away. I felt very comfortable with Jill, Valya and yourself. Given the circumstances with my injury being from 1998, I was extremely pleased with the outcome. I was always kept well informed and Jill explained everything to me so that I was sure to understand the proceedings and exactly what was happening. Any questions I had were always answered promptly and sometimes had to be repeated to me more than once. I appreciated everyone's patience with me. I was nervous about having to switch lawyers in the last trimester of my case, but both Jill and yourself assured me that nothing would change and you would be able to step right in. Well, that was definitely proven beyond a doubt! The outcome of hard work from everyone, resulting in our win was the proof in the pudding. I will always appreciate all of the help, hard work, patience and belief in me. I will not hesitate to recommend your firm for anyone in need of good legal counsel and representation." — P. A. (Oakville, Ontario)
"In my opinion, my case was handled professionally. There was always a person available that I could talk to who understood my case. Everyone was very friendly and turned a very difficult situation into a manageable experience. The insight and expertise that was provided was second to none. From the beginning to end, my opinion of the service provided is very positive." — R. R. (Oakville, ON)
"I was severely injured and didn't know what to do next. An associate highly recommended that I contact Stevenson Whelton (formerly MacDonald & Swan) to represent me. I had never previously needed representation by a lawyer and didn't know what to do. I contacted MacDonald & Swan and right from the beginning, They were clear and concise in their direction to me. They took the burden from my shoulders and were with me through every step of the legal process. Because of their professionalism and in-dept knowledge, I was able to successfully settle very quickly and with extremely good results. Stevenson Whelton have a thorough, expert process and treat each individual case as if it is the only one they are handling. They treated me with compassion, dignity and respect. I would not hesitate to refer them to family and friends in the unfortunate event that anything should happen." — C. H. (Toronto, ON)
"I've always known I needed insurance to protect me in case of an accident. Then I was in a motor vehicle accident and I found out I also needed a lawyer to protect me from the insurance companies. If I'm ever in another accident, Stevenson Whelton (formerly MacDonald & Swan) will be one of my first calls." — A. C. (Dwight, Ontario)
"L and I would like to thank you for all your hard work, concern and compassion for L, J and their situation. The expertise of your firm is one of a kind. It was a pleasure having you work for us. Dr. North said you were the best of the best and she was so right." — A. D. (London, ON)
"Suffering from a serious medical problem, I turned to Stevenson Whelton (formerly MacDonald & Swan) for expert advice. They were more than lawyers to me...they treated me like family. When I had questions or concerns I was able to speak with them personally; a trait that every person appreciates. Their no-quit attitudes led to a victory on my behalf. This has made my life more tolerable and secure. I recommend Stevenson Whelton not only because they're great lawyers, but more than that, they will be your extended family." — J. L. (Sturgeon Falls, Ontario)
"Thank you for the opportunity to express our assessment of the services provided by you and staff at Stevenson Whelton (formerly MacDonald & Swan). I was hoping to send a letter of appreciation in due course. As I had mentioned upon first meeting you, we were referred to your firm by a lawyer friend of my cousin. The referral was based on your specialty of insurance litigation and praise for the treatment your firm provides clients. This recommendation was right on the mark and fit our needs so much. M and my wife were going through so much stress and anxiety, at the time, over M's health and the whole ordeal with the insurance coverage deprivation, M was experiencing. At first I thought going to Oakville for legal advice, was so out of the way, however after the first meeting with you and your staff, we knew it was the right decision. We could all feel the true concern, compassion and interest in M's story. You allowed her to provide her complete story and feelings she had gone through. It was so comforting to realize that you listened to all the facts and did not rush M in her review. You provided a very clear and complete assessment of your take on this case. As we moved forward and agreed to proceed with your legal representation, you again gave comfort to M. You told her just think about getting better and let you do the worrying about dealing with the insurance companies. You were so kind and reassuring to M and my wife and I. It was also a nice touch to introduce Valya, your legal assistant, who would later be so involved and helpful to M as well, when she was under the weather. Your firm went into action immediately with a series of letters to treating physicians and the insurance companies. We were provided copies of all correspondence which kept us in the picture. The final results were gratifying to us. It was a huge weight off M's mind. Short term was quickly reassessed in M's favour. Your later explanation about accepting the offer by the insurance company, just after filing the claim, made sense. We relied heavily on your experience and judgement in these matters. We had complete confidence in your opinion. As I mentioned to you, we would definitely recommend you and the firm to any of our friends or acquaintances. Your obvious care and concern in such insurance litigations, is comforting and important as well. Thank you for your representation in this matter." — M. O.
"F and I are very pleased with the results achieved from our case. We both felt that right from the start your staff were very courteous, understanding and caring in all aspects of our case. We both felt that the communication between Valya and ourselves was excellent and our questions were answered promptly and with great satisfaction. The general atmosphere of your office and staff is very friendly and they are willing to go the extra mile in all aspects of the case. We would also like to thank Maureen Ward and Heather Hingley throughout this case. They were always there for us either by phone or in person. We were also pleased that Eric was able to close this case so quickly for us. Thanks again everybody for being there for us. It was greatly appreciated." — C. R. (Niagara Falls, Ontario)
"F and I would like to take this opportunity to thank you very much for all your hard work, time and effort you spent on our behalf during this difficult time. Thanks again for everything you have done for us." — F. R. (Niagara Falls, Ontario)
"My daughter and I wish to thank you and your staff for the help and guidance in the recent negotiations regarding the accident of September 5. I have also contacted in the past the hospital and the voluntary services, the help by the ladies involved was splendid. My sister-in-law also appreciates your assistance. We appreciate the help provided by all involved especially Mr. and Mrs. Cook." — T. S. (Ellesmere Port, Cheshire)
"What a relief to see the matter with the insurance company settled. I am very grateful for your invaluable help. Not only the excellent legal advice, but helping making the process less intimidating, and validating my experience as being legitimate." — C. G. (Parry Sound, ON)
"A note of thanks for all your work and patience with my file over the past 4-plus years. I really do appreciate your support and advice in all aspects of this case. It made a real difference in my ability to cope with the various challenges life, post-accident, has presented." — A. C. (Ellesmere Port, Cheshire)
"Your efforts on my behalf regarding the events of June 17, 2004 yielded truly excellent results. I knew that from our telephone conversation that I was in good hands, so wasted no time in wondering or worrying about the outcome. I do appreciate your care and negotiating skills in this matter, and, of course, the settlement cheque." — J. L. (Huntsville, ON)
"We just wanted to thank you both for all your help, support and direction over the last two years — through our ups and downs and tears." — H. D. (Burlington, ON)
"Thanks for all your hard work on our behalf, and the help received from your wonderful staff. It was a pleasure doing business with you!!!" — P.
"Thank you for your effort and professional attitude in working with M and I in the lawsuit against the construction company. We appreciate your hard work and the time you took to answer our questions regarding legal issues. Financial compensation does not cure the pain but does help to cover past and future health expenses. Never did I predict that brief 3-second fall" would have long lasting effects. For this reason I am glad that we secured your services. Please accept our thanks and appreciation for leading us successfully through "legal land." — K. and M. (Burlington, ON)
"I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your help and expertise in bringing my claim against the toy company to a successful conclusion. You were very honest regarding my expectations from the first and, of course, your were absolutely correct!" — J.
"Just wanted to say thank you very much for everything that everyone has done for me. I wish you all the best, now, and in the years to come." — K. R. (Oakville, ON)
"B and I would like to say a big thank you for all you have done to bring this matter to a very successful resolution and in less than a year. This is amazing. There is no doubt the enclosed article that's highlighted is referring directly to you. It's all in the dance and like everything in life some are blessed with a natural ability. Our heartfelt thanks to Valya for her compassion and understanding and to Heather for making us feel so comfortable. To me a great staff" speaks volumes. We wish for you all a future of joy, happiness and good health." — B. and P. (Milton, ON)
"M and my wife were going through so much stress and anxiety, at the time, over M's health and the whole ordeal with the insurance coverage deprivation M was experiencing. It was so comforting to realize that you listened to all the facts and did not rush M in her review. The final results were gratifying to us." — M. and M. (Markham, Ontario)
"All the legal aspects of this case were like a foreign language to us and you and your staff helped us feel more comfortable in every way. We were well prepared for mediation and truly admired the way you and the mediator worked to achieve the best outcome for M." — A. and M. (Carlisle, Ontario)
"L and I would like to thank you for all your hard work, concern and compassion for L, J, and their situation. The expertise of your firm is one of a kind. It was a pleasure having you work for us. Dr. North said you were the best and she was so right." — A.D., L. and J.G. (London, Ontario)
"Thank you very much for taking on my case. I appreciate the time and effort that you, Valya, and anyone else in your firm spent working on my behalf. I am grateful for your efforts and I am pleased with the outcome. Thank you again." — S. D. (Toronto, ON)
"I just wanted to write you to tell you that I cannot thank you enough for what you have done for me. Valya was always patient with me, please pass along my deep thanks to her. Lee-Anne and Heather were also extremely helpful. It was so nice to discover that you knew...I really appreciated how understanding she was. I am deeply grateful for the understanding and care you showed towards me and my situation. Thank you so much for helping me through this confusing and difficult time. May peace and God's blessing be with you all." — I.G. (Oakville, ON)